Oasis Wellness Centre Spa

From what we have personally experienced at this spa, we can say that their staff is wonderful, and the overall experience was fantastic, to say the least. The therapeutic massage that we got was very relaxing and it will leave you feeling reinvigorated like you are 10 years younger.

The wide range of services that you can get will have you always wanting for more. If you’re looking only for massages then you can get, Therapeutic massage, Couples massage, Sports massage, Pregnancy massage, and Oasis essential therapy. We would recommend the therapeutic massage if you’re looking for something to give you a boost of energy. However, if you want something a little different for yourself, try the Oasis essential therapy. Nine essential oils will be applied to your spine one after the other, this will help you release toxins from your body.

Couples massage

For the fans of facial treatments, there are plenty of options to choose from. The facial treatments are called the TEYE treatments and you can choose in between TEYE ultimate facial, TEYE advanced facial, TEYE facial, TEYE gentlemen’s facial. What makes TEYE treatments special is that they include deep cleansing exfoliation, skin analysis, face, neck, and shoulders massage. The duration of the treatment is 65 minutes and it costs around $120.

You can also get pedicures, manicures, energy balancing treatments, body treatments, and waxing services. Another great feature is the packages that can offer many services for a period of time. The prices are very competitive, and we highly recommend them for large groups of people that are looking to get away from their busy and hectic daily lives. We suggest the Complete Rapture package which includes hydrotherapy, a TEYE body wrap that you want, therapeutic massage, and Aroma Blend treatment. This package lasts for 2 hours and costs $275.


Oasis Wellness is a spa that we recommend for everyone. If you don’t want to take our word for it, you can freely check out the reviews that it has online. You will see the overwhelming majority of people have had fantastic experiences at this spa.