Why your company needs a wellness program

Wellness programs are the diverse wellness activities an employer plans for the workers in the organization. These activities are targeted at improving the workers physical and mental health state to allow optimum output at work. Secondarily, it is important that these programs are put in place to press in the importance of improved behavior which reduces bad health habits. Continue reading “Why your company needs a wellness program”

Calgary’s beauty and spa scene – what shouldn’t you miss out on

While Calgary may be known for many things, starting with its high quality of living and up to its amazing attractions, including the Olympic Plaza and the Military Museum, one thing that not many foreigners or even locals may know about is the attention this region brings towards its beauty and spa scene. Wellness is promoted among a wide range of facilities, which focus on providing exceptional services in this department to both men and women. If you are interested in discovering what Calgary has in store for you in terms of spa and beauty, you should know about the most popular events and establishments that contribute to the strong wellness capabilities of this region. Continue reading “Calgary’s beauty and spa scene – what shouldn’t you miss out on”