Calgary’s beauty and spa scene – what shouldn’t you miss out on

While Calgary may be known for many things, starting with its high quality of living and up to its amazing attractions, including the Olympic Plaza and the Military Museum, one thing that not many foreigners or even locals may know about is the attention this region brings towards its beauty and spa scene. Wellness is promoted among a wide range of facilities, which focus on providing exceptional services in this department to both men and women. If you are interested in discovering what Calgary has in store for you in terms of spa and beauty, you should know about the most popular events and establishments that contribute to the strong wellness capabilities of this region.

Exige Medi Spa

Start with one of Calgary’s most popular wellness centers. If you wish to recharge your batteries and relax, while not having to deal with a crowd, this is the place for you. Including a wide range of appealing services and amenities, a day spent at Exige Medi Spa will unwind you, help your relieve stress, and meet your ultimate pampering dreams. Being granted a certificate of excellence, this establishment puts at your disposal an amazing variety of treatments carried out by registered, certified spa specialists. Whether you go for reflexology or traditional massage therapy, you will leave the center feeling and looking younger and more energized.

Riverside Spa – group booking

Riverside Spa organizes on the regular amazing spa events for groups, giving you access to appealing prices for thorough wellness services. The facility allows you to access various amenities, including side by side pedicure stations, showers with a Swiss relaxation system, steam rooms with eucalyptus infusions and many more. Get your friends and book a day at Riverside Spa, taking advantage of their affordable group fees, and ultimate relaxation will be a guarantee.

Mobile beauty and spa solution – innovation in Calgary

While the options mentioned above are certainly a must-try, if you have a special event you are preparing for, and wish to benefit from a high level of convenience, you will love Calgary’s spa and beauty solution – Being the only one of its kind, and quite an innovation in the region, the Beauty Bus is a mobile spa service that comes to your chosen location and provides you with all the pampering you need. Those starting this business have understood that fitting beauty and relaxation into one’s schedule is not always that easy, so they are willing to provide you with the best solution. From manicures and pedicures to waxing services and facial treatments, book your appointment, and the Beauty Bus will be at your front door to freshen up your look.

As you can see, Calgary truly excels in variety, when it comes to beauty, spa, wellness, and relaxation in general. If you have been seeking the best locations and events in the region to indulge yourself in some moments of complete leisure, and to give your appearance a boost, these are the options you should consider first, and which will most certainly not disappoint your expectations.

The most luxurious spa and wellness centers in Calgary

A balanced diet, simple yet effective exercises, and quality sleep create the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, but adding at least one hour every week at the spa truly helps you build a temple of relaxation for your mind where you can seek refuge every time you face challenging situations and unexpected problems. The first visit to a spa and wellness center will help you jumpstart a new beginning focusing on your health, system detoxification, ailments management, beauty rejuvenation, stress relief and even weight loss if you consider necessary. A spa does not include only therapeutic massages, but also yoga classes, aromatherapy, body and facial rejuvenation services, lasers treatments, fitness and stress management programs. When selecting a spa and wellness center in Calgary, you must follow some important golden rules. These refer to inquiring about licenses and insurances, exploring the environment, which has to be neutral and comfortable, taking a tour of the interiors to determine the cleanliness and hygiene, observing the treatment applied to other customers and finally, booking an appointment.

Inner Balance Spa focuses on philosophies of holistic health

Since Calgary offers numerous establishments focusing on people’s health and well-being, selecting one single place will prove to be a daunting process. For this reason, we decided to provide you relevant information regarding the most visited and luxurious spa and wellness centers located in this cosmopolitan city. Starting with Inner Balance Spa, which keeps its doors open for clients between 10 am and 8 pm, all the professionals working there share the same objective, namely to provide treatments with emphasis on the immune system, circulation, skin health, and energy. It might be the only spa in Calgary that includes acupuncture and craniosacral therapy on its list of services because they have the purpose to relieve tensionin in order to achieve a harmonious balance inside the body. Of course, facials and wraps also hold an important position for this inviting spa with excellent staff and strikingly beautiful rooms.

Stillwater Spa provides hours of heavenly relaxation

If you visit Calgary and you spot a sandstone construction with luxury amenities, do not hesitate to enter because you were lucky enough to find the Stillwater Spa. Even though located in the urban city, this establishment manages to melt away your worries and problems, allowing your body to restore energy and your mind to enjoy the relaxation induced by pampering treatments. The most popular packages offered by Stillwater Spa refer to Express Manicure and Pedicure, Relaxation or Therapeutic Massage, Body Treatment and Express Facial. The goal is to satisfy a variety of need and preferences. If you want to receive royalty treatment, then this is the perfect place for you.

Spa Ritual creates a great atmosphere for its clients

Those who want to enter a world of tranquility and pleasure should definitely not overlook the Spa Ritual. The staff’s objective is to stimulate the senses of each client thus helping him to feel contentment and pure relaxation. It can easily become your personal sanctuary where you get the chance to enjoy massages, facials, manicures and pedicures, body scrubs, waxing, and tinting. The amenities inside the building include Spa Bistro, Infrared Sauna, Spa Boutique, Tea Ceremony Room and Bali sanctuary.